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Teen Driving Course - $430


Get Started for $200


Classes held at

The Holiday Inn Express

Spartanburg Bee Safe 

Driver's Education Course 

Keep Your Honeys Safe with Bee Safe Driving School. Our next Class will start your teen off on the right track. Our goal is to work with your teen to keep them safe, increase their confidence to take their Road Test, and get them ready for driving safely. Informative, Fun and Positive

Meet Your Instructor
Driving school - Anderson

Bryan's Mission

I've driven in just about every state in the nation with too much time driving in DC. I've witnessed the dangers of not being prepared for the road and also of the dangers of cell phone addiction and how it can endanger our children while driving. Being part of the solution to this problem is appealing to me. Like everyone at Bee Safe Driving School, I am reminded of my mission every time I say the name. 
You love your kids, I love mine. Together, lets keep them safe!

Bryan Megonigal

After a successful career in IT in which this road warrior traveled the country, Bryan decided to get off the road.
After his son went through a "sketchy" Driving School that seemed only in it for the money, Bryan decided to have a positive impact on the young drivers in Spartanburg.
Knowledgeable and witty, with a patient and relaxed teaching style makes Bryan an instructor your student will find enjoyable and have successful 


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