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Teen Driving Course - $430

Get Started for $200


Classes held at

JB Owens Rec Center or

The Carr Conference Room, Historic West End Hall

Easley Bee Safe 

Driver's Education Course 

Keep Your Honeys Safe with Bee Safe Driving School. Our next Class will start your teen off on the right track. Our goal is to work with your teen to keep them safe, increase their confidence to take their Road Test, and get them ready for driving safely. Informative, Fun and Positive


Class is Full


Meet The Owner

Ron is the backbone of the "Bee Team". He decided to start a driving school after sending his daughter to a less than mediocre one. His passion to keep students safe is his personal mission so he developed a highly effective training program. His enthusiasm, ability to connect easily with them and humor gives students the confidence to master the driving techniques. Ron goes above and beyond to make Bee Safe Driving School's reputation second to none! 

Ron's Mission

It started as a mission but now has become a driving force in me. 

There are enough road-side memorials...               We don't need anymore!

More population coming into SC means more vehicles. Road Rage is becoming an epidemic.

Every time we answer a phone call we are reminded of our mission; Be Safe!

We all love our kids and families and want them to be safe when on the road. At Bee Safe Driving School our mission is clear;

 To do our best to instill in our students a sense of responsibility and combine that with good vehicle control, knowledge of the rules of the road, good decision making , and execution.

It begins in our class room. We believe that nothing says "I don't care" like online Driving Schools. Our classes are always live and in person so we can ensure whether we are getting through to our students at this critical learning stage.

We all want the same thing; for our family to return to us safely when they leave our home.

Thank you for the opportunity to helping our young driver's "Bee Safe"

What people are saying about Bee Safe Driving School

Easy, Convenient Payment Plans

Driving School Course includes:

  • 8 hours of classroom as required by SCDMV

  • 6 hours of Behind The Wheel Training

  • The South Carolina Driver's License Road Test

  • Lunch at Class

  • Insurance Discount Certificate

  • Convenient School / Home Pick up & Dropoff *


 * Pickup / Drop off may incur additional charge if over 15 miles from Training Site

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