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Keep your honeys safe

Conway, Aynor, Loris


Teen Driving Course - $430

Get Started for $200


Classes held at

The First Methodist Church, Conway

Conway, Aynor, Loris Bee Safe 

Driver's Education Course 

Keep Your Honeys Safe with Bee Safe Driving School. Our next Class will start your teen off on the right track. Our goal is to work with your teen to keep them safe, increase their confidence to take their Road Test, and get them ready for driving safely. Informative, Fun and Positive

Cynthia's Mission

Meet Cynthia
Cynthia Shimko

Living in Horry County, I have seen so much growth in the population. Due to the growth, I see more people run red lights, illegally passing, speeding & tailgating more often than ever. Drivers like that are the problem, I just want to be the solution. 


My goal is to have the young adults be conscious of their surroundings, stay calm & pay attention to avoid accidents. And come back home safe.

Cynthia has lived in the Coastal area since 2014. Originally from Bethlehem PA she moved to Horry County because of the friendliness of the locals and the neighborhood feel of the area.

 Cynthia was introduced to Bee Safe Driving School after her grand-daughter went to a different driving school in the area. She felt like her grand-daughter did not get very much from the experience. After contacting Bee Safe and experiencing the difference she decided she wanted to offer the same level of training to others. Cynthia's easy laugh, desire to be of service to others, ability to connect quickly with teens, and naturally fun spirit will provide young drivers with a positive experience.

What People Are Saying About Bee Safe Driving School

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