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Myrtle Beach at Coastal Grande


Teen Driving Course - $430

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Myrtle Beach

Driver's Education Course

Keep Your Honeys Safe with Bee Safe Driving School. Our next Class will start your teen off on the right track. Our goal is to work with your teen to keep them safe, increase their confidence to take their Road Test, and get them ready for driving safely. Informative, Fun and Positive

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Meet Your Instructor

Doug's Mission

While living on the Grand Strand, I witness hostile, aggressive driving daily. The Beach is a mixing bowl of drivers from all over the country. Their driving styles are indicative of where they live. They come to the beach and have no idea of where they are going. My mission is to equip our young adults with the knowledge and skills to operate a vehicle safely and confidently. This can be done by teaching our kids what to look for, to anticipate bad driving, and how to adapt to ever-changing conditions.  Everyone arrives Alive.

Love the freedom
Meet Doug & Patti

Doug Wheeler

Doug is a retired K9 Law Enforcement Officer and Police Academy Instructor. He is MADD (Mothers against drunk drivers) award recipient for DUI-DUI-D enforcement. 


Doug and his wife Patti and their German Shepard moved to South Carolina 4 years ago from Virginia. 

They vacationed in Myrtle Beach with their family for over 20 years. 

Doug and Patti have 3 adult children, 4 Grandchildren and 8 Grand dogs!  


Both were involved in Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue for their adult careers and have seen the aftermath of incorrect unsafe driving techniques during that time. Doug vowed he would help make our streets safer any time he could. “If we can save One life, it was worth it.” 


Doug has many years of experience driving multiple emergency response vehicles and has made a significant impact on his own children and Grandchildren with regards to driving techniques. 


Doug wants to make an impact on as many people as he can here in the Grand Strand. He wants to equip the new student drivers with the skills they need to survive safely here or anywhere they drive! 

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Myrtle Beach/ Market Common

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