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Murrells Inlet


Teen Driving Course - $430

Get Started for $200


Classes held at

Murrells Inlet Community Center

Murrells Inlet Bee Safe 

Driver's Education Course 

Keep Your Honeys Safe with Bee Safe Driving School. Our next Class will start your teen off on the right track. Our goal is to work with your teen to keep them safe, increase their confidence to take their Road Test, and get them ready for driving safely. Informative, Fun and Positive

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Behind the Wheel Driving School
Todd, Donna, and Alana Joy

Todd Pierce is a native South Carolinian who with wife Donna, a longtime resident of Murrells Inlet, are raising their 9-year-old daughter, Alana Joy.


A committed husband, loving father, and active community member, Todd promises you and your soon-to-be drivers the most comprehensive, personalized, safety first, defensive driving instruction available along the Grand Strand and upper Lowcountry; Not only behind the wheel but in all aspects of driving behavior

Experience the Bee Safe Difference!


  • Major emphasis on effective Safe, Defensive Driving

  • Our classroom instruction is Relaxed, Fun, Safe, and Supportive: An encouraging atmosphere where you'll learn something and have a great time doing it.

  • Lunchtime Pizza Party with class. At Bee Safe, we feed our students! 

  • Individualized behind-the-wheel training:  Same instructor every time.

  • Unique training style with Proven Results, providing young drivers competence and confidence. 


  • Diverse training methods and practices for diverse driving conditions: Tourist season vs off-season, dry vs rainy, foggy, etc.


  • KEEP YOUR HONEYS SAFE in All aspects of driving, knowing their surroundings and staying vigilant and aware in or out of the car. (Park in well-lit areas, for example, and keep your finger on the panic button when entering/exiting your vehicle.)

  • The famous BEE SAFE PARALLEL PARKING METHOD: Easy to learn and totally reliable.


  • Todd is a Certified Third-party Tester for the SCDMV: In addition to Mock Road Tests, Bee Safe students will also test for their actual DRIVER’S LICENSE as part of our program.


  • Fast-track program for qualified students, and Easy Payment program for all students.


Todd's Mission

"Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s drivers. At Bee Safe Driving School, our mission is to equip our students with the skills, techniques, habits and attitudes essential to safe, defensive driving; not only for passing their license test, but to prepare them for a lifetime of responsible, alert, safe mastery behind the wheel. Our guiding philosophy is that better drivers, from the learning stage on, make safer roads for all of us."

Shea Smith

Shea is the mother of two wonderful daughters , both of whom she taught how to drive, (defensively mind you) at a very young age.
A  proud native of South Carolina  Shea spent the better part of her adult life substitute teaching and volunteering  as much as possible to stay connected with her daughters education as well extra curricular activities. 
Shea has been happily married  for over 30 years, and is an avid dog lover.  Her and her husband relocated  to Murrells Inlet over 10 years ago from Rock Hill South Carolina.  Once here, with her daughters now "out of the nest" Shea decided that she missed being active in  the education and development of young students.  Shea recognizes the growth our area continues  to see and the need to educate our youth on the importance of safe DEFENSIVE driving. We are lucky to have Shea on our team as a Certified Driving Instructor. Shea possess the communication skills as well as patience required of  a Bee Safe Driving School  instructor. Shea is a huge asset to our team and is often requested to provide Driving instruction....

What People Are Saying About Bee Safe Driving School

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