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What people are saying about Bee Safe Driving School

Meet Your Instructor

Chris's Mission

Chris comes to us from LA, California. Having lived in both NYC and Hollywood, Chris definitely knows the importance of developing good defensive driving skills.

Chris has a natural love for people from all walks of life. His background as a Disney Cruise employee and personal assistant to a Hollywood celebrity has honed his skills to easily connect with people. 

Chris is a volunteer for Big Brothers / Big Sisters and unselfishly gives his time to help others to enrich their lives. Chris definitely gives off that cool big brother / favorite uncle vibe.

We are fortunate to have Chris as part of our "Bee" Team!

"As the oldest sibling of three, I have a natural instinct to protect those I care about. I treat every student like family while teaching necessary skills to keep them safe. Having spent 16 years living in Los Angeles, defensive driving is extremely important to me. My goal is to provide the knowledge, tools, and training to create responsible habits for future drivers. I recognize that each student is different and easily adapt to their individual needs to provide the most effective safety training possible while being their biggest cheerleader! I love seeing my students thrive!"

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