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Driving School in South Carolina | Bee Safe Driving
Fun, Easy, Safe

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Get Your License this Summer

Get your license

Safe, Confident, Ready

Need Your Learner's Permit? We give it! 

Need Insurance Discount?Free with the Course Com

No Experience? No Problem
We Take Beginners!

Getting your driver's license is a big deal. A once in a lifetime experience on the path to adulthood.  Most teens enjoy the power that comes with driving unsupervised but do not always understand the responsibility to share the road safely with others.

The Bee Safe Driving School's successful training program is renowned because we focus on each student's unique needs with a combination of observation, positive reinforcement, goal setting, coaching and feedback all delivered in a fun and confidence inducing manner.

We promise we'll care for your teen as if they were our own.

Different Programs for Different Needs

Driver's Education designed to fit you and your needs, not our convenience. What training program do you need?

Experienced and Ready

The Fast Track program is designed for students who have had their Beginners Permit for at least 180 days, and feel confident they are ready to take their Road Test for their SC Driver's License.
Bee Safe Driving School will complete the 6 hours Behind the Wheel and Road Test within 10 days after the 8 hour class.
This accelerated course includes the same training as all other course but in (2) 3 hour session and then the road test. May require flexible scheduling on the part of the student and additional fee.


Most students are Intermediate driver's. They have exhibited control of the vehicle but need more assurance they are doing everything correctly. They need more training in traffic situations, special maneuvers (Parallel Parking, Backing Up, etc) and general driving practice.
Intermediate Driver's normally have (3) 2 hour drives with time between drives to practice. Normal time frames from Class to Testing is 3 to 6 weeks.

Beginner or Anxious Driver

With busy families and lifestyles, many parents haven't had the opportunity to teach their student the basic driving skills necessary to become a competent driver. Bee Safe Driving School takes inexperienced new Beginner Permit holders and works with them until they demonstrate the ability to handle the vehicle effectively. We will establish a safe practice route with your student so you can practice with them until they do that route proficiently. We tailor our Behind the Wheel instruction to each student's needs. We offer an additional Beginner Package. This Package adds an addition 30 minutes to the drive to allow the instructor to go behind the wheel to drive to a safe location to train. The Behind the Wheel training will be split up to 4 separate drives for those students who would benefit from the smaller training time slots to allow for more at home practice. Requires an additional fee.

Teen Driving Course - $430

Best Instructors

Easy, Convenient Payment Plans

Driving School Course includes:

  • 8 hours of classroom as required by SCDMV

  • 6 hours of Behind The Wheel Training

  • The South Carolina Driver's License Road Test

  • Insurance Discount

  • Lunch at Class

  • Convenient School / Home Pick up & Dropoff *


 * Pickup / Drop Off is for BTW Training only. May incur additional charge if over 15 miles from Training Site

The Bee Safe Difference

  • In Person, Live Classes. Not virtual Zoom classes

  • Individualized Behind the Wheel Training - Only 1 Student in the Training Car

  • Fun, Informative Class (You'll learn something and have fun learning it)

  • We'll happily take you on Highways and Back roads if requested

  • Pick up and Drop Off at school, work, and home

  • The famous Bee Safe Parallel Parking Method ... So Easy

  • Mock Road Tests

  • Lunch included with class

  • Relaxed, Patient, Encouraging, Fun Atmosphere

  • Unique Training Style proven to Increase Confidence and Get Results

  • Fast Track Program Available for qualified students

  • Easy Split Payment Program

  • Our Instructors... Patient, Caring Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who love their kids and want to keep yours safe!

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